To be able to freely move in and out of your home without having to worry about getting locked out is indeed what each one of us would look forward to. Key-less is the new norm today and sounds just perfect and promising for one’s current busy lifestyle.

Are digital door locks more secure as compared to traditional lock?
Digital door locks are more secure than a traditional lock. They do not need keys to open, and all you need would be a code, fingerprint, remote, a mobile phone, depending on the type of digital lock you choose. The biggest advantage though is not being bothered about losing your door keys.

Working of the digital locks:
The working of the digital locks depends on the category of the digital door locks as each has a system of its own.
Digital door locks work on code, fingerprints, or electronic card readers. Some work on remotes and need an electronic input to operate. Drop-in at South India Agencies (SIA) for more details on Digital door locks.

Difference between Digital lock and Traditional lock:
Digital locks operate on digital input and don’t need physical keys to open. Digital locks are more secure than Traditional door locks, as you have the privilege to change to code in case you suspect something foul.

Advantages of Digital Door Locks are:
Convenience: Digital locks are easy to manage as users will be able to lock and unlock by using the same code on the digital lock. A new member can also use the same code if given.
Security: It is more secure in terms of not worrying about losing or the key getting stolen. Digital locks can limit access and give only restricted access to a particular area of the building. Digital locks help you to track the entry and exit details in your absence.
long-lasting: Digital door locks work for many years without fault and last longer in comparison to traditional locks.
Tailor-made security system: Digital door lock works on a code to function and you have the option to change the code whenever you wish to. You can change your password to ensure your security.
Door access through password: With the digital door lock password you or your family members can gain access without worrying about keys being replaced. Durability Digital door lock is more durable than traditional door locks. In the case of a digital lock as there are no physical keys so there is no question of keys getting lost or stolen and having to replace them. Hence, once digital locks are fixed they are durable and last longer without the need to be replaced.

The popular digital door locks available are:
• Main Door Push & Pull Lock
• Mortise Digital Door Locks
• Rim Digital Door Locks
• Mini Digital Mortise Locks (Three in one)
• Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

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