The evening time snack has a special place in every household. The snack that is served with tea/coffee entertains the elderly while it can be an energizer for hungry and active kids. But choosing a healthy snack for the evening can be very challenging. With the kind of health problems that may arise from fried, high-calorie and high-sugar snacks available in the market today, one may choose to avoid them as a whole.

Are you bored with serving the regular biscuits and rusks with tea/coffee in the evening? Do you want to try something new for an evening snack? Then this write-up has a new suggestion for you. The snack is made of the ingredient that is commonly used for cooking most of the spicy Indian dishes. Yes. It is garlic and you may be surprised that such a crispy and yummy snack can be made from it. Read on to find out more about this distinctive snack.

Dried Garlic Chips – How are They Special?

Garlic chips are golden coloured crispy snacks that are made from dried garlic. With an intention to offer healthy and natural snacks to customers, Karanth’s Food Pvt. Ltd. prepares crispy garlic chips using vacuum frying technology. This method of cooking ensures that the snacks do not absorb much oil and they retain the nutrients and flavour.

Garlic chips are available in chilly flavour. Each bite of this chip will give a memorable experience to your taste buds. Garlic is rich in calcium, potassium and Vitamin C. It has medicinal properties and is low on calories. Garlic can fight common health problems like cold and flu. Therefore this natural snack is packed with health benefits too.

Why Buy Fruit Treat Garlic Chips?

As stated above Fruit Treat brand focuses on preparing snacks from naturally available fruits and vegetables. The intention is to prepare chips using methods that ensure that the chips are not only extremely delicious but also have the natural flavour and the nutrients.

Fruit Treat chips are vacuum fried chips. The garlic chip is fried at low temperature and extremely low-pressure conditions. Therefore the chip cooks very evenly while retaining its flavour and all the nutrients. You can rest assured the vacuum fried garlic chips you purchase from Fruit Treat is healthier than most of the chips available in the market.

Buying dried garlic chips is now very easy since Fruit Treat delivers the chip to your doorstep. Vacuum fried garlic chips are one of the unique offerings of Fruit Treat, a product of Karanth’s Food Pvt. Ltd. The company offers garlic chips online which means you can simply visit Fruit Treat website and order your favourite chip with few clicks. So why wait? Bring home the joy of snacking yummy and natural fruits/vegetable chips. Order snacks online today!

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