The information technology (IT) industry is an important engine of growth of any country. With the rapid development of technology, manufacturers now produce superior televisions, new and smarter mobile phones, and new computing devices at an increasing rate. People are enjoying what technology brings, surfing the Internet on their smartphones or tablets and watching high-definition movies on their televisions at home. As more and more electronic products are produced to fulfil the needs of people worldwide, more resources are used to produce these items. Therefore, the rapid growth of computing and other information and communication equipment is driving the ever-increasing production of electronic waste (e-waste)

Think Recycling is here with one assignment, save the environment from e-waste, so we can keep this beautiful planet habitable for our future generation. The more technological addicted we are becoming, the more we are producing E-WASTE. The used computer parts used mobile parts and used parts of every other electronic device are polluting the environment because we are not careful about disposing of E-waste properly. Think Recycling Pvt Ltd is authorized e-waste recyclers in India, is here to take care of your e-waste.
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