If you run a small business or a company, there is no second thought about you needing a website. You will also need a team to manage your digital presence and promote your products or services online. But how do you know if your current website is good enough? What role does your website play for your business? How can you make effective use of web development techniques to renew or recreate a powerful website that suits your business?

In the following write-up, we will be discussing what are the different types of websites and how each of them helps different types of businesses. We also shed light on how expertise in web design and development can help fetch maximum returns on investment while increasing your brand value in the market. Read on to learn more.

Create a Website Based on Your Business Needs

A website is the face of your business online. There are many types of websites available in the market that will serve different purposes for your business. Based on the needs and goals of your business, you may choose a particular type of website and later add new features and functions depending on the need and taste of your target audience.

Websites can broadly be classified into the following types depending on the purpose they serve.

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Service-Based Website

A service-based is a website that primarily focuses on introducing your company to the consumers and telling them about the various products or services that you offer. The intention of the website is to get the contact of your prospective consumers by designing pages that speak about your products or services. Supporting content can be added in the blog and news sections and the social media in order to extend your digital footprint.

E-Commerce Site

An E-Commerce site aims at selling your product or services. Therefore the focus is on product specifications and other key information. Since the sale is the criteria, the web developers will be working towards different types of search filters and various other aspects when designing an E-Commerce website.

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Corporate or Brand Website

A corporate website is one that informs your audience about your company, the ventures and various other matter that are purely related to your business and nothing much about products or services. This kind of website may be aimed at stakeholders, partners, other businesses, the media and the society as a whole. Here the focus will be to build goodwill and credibility in the community.

Apart from these, there can be other websites which are used purely for spreading awareness about concepts and keeping the audience engaged in topics that support the business on a longer run.

Web Development – The Step-by-Step Process

There are various stages in the design and development of a website. Here we provide an overview of the various steps involved.

Understanding the Business Goals and Audience and Preparing a Plan
The first step in the website development process will be to collect all the information about the business from you. Here the website development company will try and understand your business, list out the goals, learn about your target audience, your position in the market and come up with a plan for the website.

Creating a Wire-Frame for the Website
This is the second stage, once the business goals and the aims of the website are clear. Here the idea is to list out all the sections of the website and build an outline such that you will be able to understand how the overall website will appear. Here inclusions can be made based on your input if there are any sections missing. This step is more like outlining the foundation of the website. Hence it is critical in the web development process.

Designing the Website and Content Creation
In this stage, the web development team focuses on designing the visual appearance of the website as well as creating the necessary content that needs to be put-up in each page. Content creation will be based on a few factors related to marketing as well as branding. Both the designing and content creation is given maximum emphasis because the design is something that speaks to your audience while content can convert your audience into your customers. Therefore, this stage becomes crucial in the overall web development process.

Web Development
Once the design is approved by you, the next step will be to develop the website. A pre-selected Content Management System may be used to develop the website. Coding will be done to establish all the features and functions of the website. The content may also be uploaded into the CMS during this stage.

Testing the Website
Once the coding is complete and the content, the images, the videos and the forms are all uploaded in the website, it is tested on various browsers and devices for functionality. If there are any errors or bugs, it is fixed during this stage.

Launching the Website and Continuous Maintenance
Once the website is free from errors and functioning fine, it is made live and the web development company maintains the website and continuously uploads content if necessary.

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