“Big doors swing on little hinges.” – W. Clement Stone.
When two objects need to be connected with a limited angle of rotation between them, a mechanical bearing is necessitated, also known as a hinge. The two objects rotate relatively to each other on a fixed axis of rotation. Thus the hinge has only one degree of rotating freely as other rotations are prevented. This was a plain theory. Now welcome to the practical new world of ebco’s hinges where flagship solutions rule a furniture’s mobility!
The typical range of hinges from ebco includes speciality hinges, glass door hinges, regular/euro series, and soft close hinges. It is very essential that a durable hinge should be made of fine materials and workmanship. The usage of a hinge is dependent on its use and its attached supporting material.
The specific type of hinges include the following:
Corner hinges – they are a set of two hinges used in an L-shaped kitchen corner or work cabinet. It provides complete access through either one or both the connecting doors.
Offset hinges – they are most cost-effective and easily fitted into standard furniture like doors, and are available in multiple shapes and sizes.
Piano hinges – they derive the name because they are continuous hinges that extend throughout the entire door length. They can be customised to the required length.
Lift-off hinges – they have a knuckle and a vertical pin that fits in the corresponding hole. It is usually used in heavy doors which can be removed without the need for unscrewing.
Strap hinge – they are the early-model hinges with a long and slim design.
With over 30+ types of hinging solutions, they can be used in magnetic, spring, wooden, and other typical hinging applications or scenarios.
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From traditional to futuristic, your home and office furniture fittings are just a click away. Let us know, and we will have your dream house or office constructed hinge by hinge, door by door.
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