Trawex is one of the leading bespoke car rental software development companies, providing customized car rental websites with online booking solutions throughout the globe. Simplifying the car rental business with a fully functional booking engine and easy to use car rental booking websites best match the individual car hire companies, tour operators. We provide effective car rental solutions and dynamic car rental websites for car hire companies as per their exact requirements and specifications to make their car rental business more interactive and easier to manage online. Our Car Booking Engine Software that we design and develop at our place is a solution that provides online rental bookings of automobiles through the web application of organizations that offers tourism services to users all over the world. This huge solution has a database attached to it that tracks the bookings hence projects a clear image in front of users that which options are available for them and which are not. Rental vehicles are in trend for a long time because it is difficult for tourists to travel in private vehicles.

Trawex develops a customizable car booking system for rental car companies, car rental agencies, cab hiring businesses & taxi operators. Our Car Booking Engine Software primarily helps in managing reservations, tracking available vehicles, automatic maintenance and servicing notifications, checking vehicles in and out, etc. We have been affording car rental software solutions for the past few years. We have worked with different rental car companies across the globe. If you are a car rental company and looking for a booking system, choosing Our will be the right decision. We are the No.1 cloud-based online booking solutions providers, providing comprehensive car booking software, cab booking system, and reservation system to rental car companies, tour operators, travel companies, etc. We develop the best online car rental system for your travel business. While development of the portal, we try our best to make it user-friendly and easy, while working with the architecture of our online car rental system, absolutely all the features were included. We offer a complete car rental reservation software that combines complete solutions provided by many suppliers without affecting the speed and accuracy. Our car booking engine software mainly helps in increasing sales of agencies rendering in car rental service. Our best car booking engine software provides our vast inventory to users worldwide.

Trawex is a specialized company in designing and developing a car rental software for travel consolidators, travel agencies, and car rental companies. We deliver highly customizable booking system software through which your guests can check the vehicle availability and make online car reservation through your website. We provide car rental software which is a simple and innovative online web application software for car rental business owners to manage the vendor, driver, vehicle, reservations, dispatch, billing in one place and make informed decisions anytime anywhere with effectively. The Easier, Smarter, Quicker way of doing Reservation, Dispatch, Billing to Company and Vendor. All happening are just clicks away. The pricing of the application is affordable.

Trawex has developed the latest car rental software to simplify the management and booking process of your company. Trawex allows you to manage all types of vehicle rental businesses. Through years of experience in the Car Hire software industry Trawex has developed powerful car rental solutions that help vehicle rental businesses improve their efficiency and achieve higher profitability at a lower cost. Rental management software denotes competence in the car rental business and cutting-edge IT technologies. Our auto rental solution is aimed at small-to-large, local and international car rental businesses, which demand a higher level of structure in their rental business activities.

Car Rental System is a web-based vehicle reservation system. It is capable of handling practically all business aspects a Car Hire (Car Rental) agent can imagine. The system is individually configurable in accordance with the wishes and business requirements of Car Hire (Car Rental) agent. It meets specifications of OTA (Open Travel Alliance) and ACRISS (Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards). Compliance with the standards allows for its flexible interconnection to any third party system supporting the same standards. It also means that no significant additional development on any part may be required for integration.

Now both your car rental business and website can run smoothly, by accepting online reservations and managing your entire fleet, all from one single control panel. By offering a highly-customizable booking system and software, your customers will be able to get exact estimates, see vehicle availability, and make online reservations from your website, with just a few clicks. Car rental System enables renters to book real-time online reservations with your company. It generates rich efficient web pages, designed to convert online visitors into renters. Car rental System is a web-based application service, hosted on our high-performance network. We provide a reliable online infrastructure, enabling secure renter access to your website rental store.

With our package, we include a responsive design that means your online booking system will be easy to see and use in mobile devices. Many rental software packages charge for each admin user or install of the rental software. So if you have 5 computers, you're going to have to shell out 5 times for the software. Our license can be used on an unlimited number of computers since its web-based, and you can have unlimited amounts of products and administrators.

At Trawex, we have been providing car rental software solutions for the past few years. We have worked with several rental car companies worldwide. Our car rental system is designed to meet specific needs of car rental companies, travel consolidators, and travel agencies. With this software, global travel companies are capable of managing inventory and reservation directly on their website and also, they are able to provide smooth and organized service to their customers. Technically, a car booking engine is a solution which provides travel companies advance reservations of cars and tourists gets helps to visit various destinations worldwide. Our car rental software is much user-friendly and includes all features for the smooth and effective operation for your car rental business.

Trawex car booking engine software is fitting for everyone from small travel agents to large scale travel companies. The admin module provides complete control to manage the rate by setting discounts/markups and enables you to retain your customers and subsequently build a loyal customer base. A large range of aggregators are integrated into the online car reservation system and can provide you with up to 100 car rental providers extensive. Connecting with multiple providers provides you with powerful inventory and facilities, and showing results in a systematic way is very essential in the competitive travel industry nowadays. The development of a car booking system on your portal will be an innovative and unique offering for your customers. With the help of our Online Car Rental System, you can increase your revenue by increasing your reach and offerings to your customers. Using the highly-customizable car booking system, customers will receive notifications and can complete their bookings immediately. Using our car rental software, any travel company can become a global car rental distributor, whether you have an online travel portal or an expert travel agency. Despite the size and technical capabilities of your team, you can provide global car rental services through B2B and B2C to enhance your capabilities with our online car booking system.

Trawex is the largest and award-winning Car Rental portal developer of India. With a variety of Car Rental online applications, the company boasts of having the largest market capitalization by per seat per month booking basis. Our Car Rental Software is an enterprise application that can help you as a rental service provider to manage your bookings, running fleet maintenance and dealing customers. The Car Rental Software will enable you to easily manage online reservations, automatically tracking available vehicles, track vehicle geographic location, and setting up flexible rates for a different season. Apart from these, the software application also offers easy reporting tools, integrated booking service and set-up protocols for cancellations, fuel charges, and other contingencies. Our Software Solutions designed and develop Car Rental Software to help you manage your vehicle rental business. Here are the following features of Car Rental Software to improve your car rental business.

Features of Car Rental Software

Reservation Management Module
With the help of the car rental Software, customers themselves can make bookings directly from the company website, making the process much easier. We develop reservation Software with a simple, fewer step booking process for the user to search the available cars, fare details, place pick time and complete booking. This results in richer customer experience and also, proper routing ensures that every booking is responded efficiently, taking into consideration both scheduled and customer's timings.

Create Booking
Dispatch Booking
Pending Booking
Booking Cancellations
Booking Details

Billing & Invoicing
Any business has to contend with clutter from manual transactions and invoicing systems. Car rental software can help companies become “paperless” as we a car rental software integrated with billing and invoicing software supporting electronic billing, invoicing and even storage. This is especially helpful in preventing automobile damage disputes as our invoicing system enables users to attach taken pictures or videos of their vehicles before renting them out. Online Car rental System is also capable of managing all transactions, recording them in such a manner that they can be easily accessed.

Send Invoice
Receive Payment
Attach Files
Transaction History

Fleet Management Software
Car rental firms encounter difficulties when managing their fleets. Manual processes often find such companies struggling with costs, organizational disarray and unsatisfied customers. For car rental companies, fleet management does not end with making sure that their vehicles are running smoothly. Fleet Management Software helps businesses to manage their inventories to about mix-ups about vehicle availability. Fleet Management Software allows companies to monitor both incoming and outgoing units. Aside from this, an administrator can also see if a vehicle is in use even though it is not booked.

Vehicle Tracking
Inventory Management
Driver Management
Real-Time Reporting

Accounting Software
Accounting software is an application software that records all the financial accounting activity within an organization. The basic features of this system include all the modules of accounting software like accounts payable, accounts receivable, ledger, reporting modules, and payroll. The goal of the Accounting software is to keep track of costs related to the use of vehicles, general operating expenses, the cost of agency fees, and revenue generated from different sources including car rental; and then present accurate and updated financial data for every transaction of the business.

Expense Tracking
Account Receivable
Account Payable

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