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From the times where education after 12th was limited to B.Tech, Medical, B.Sc, B.Com or BA to the times where there are a plethora of career options in front of your kids, we have come a long way. In the changing times, it may be a big challenge for any parent to help their children find the best career option after Class 12. In this write-up, we will provide you with few simple tips on how to support your daughter/son in choosing the career path. We also suggest one of the best places for career guidance for students in Bangalore.

How to Help Your Son/Daughter Choose the Best Career?

We have all been there. Choosing a career after Class 12 was in not that easy to many of us, given the number of options, the social pressure and the competitiveness in the Indian educational system. But as a parent, the best way to approach is to be supportive of your child and avoid imposing your views on him/her. So what is that you should do?

Understand the Interests of Your Son/Daughter

Work is where your daughter/son will be spending most of the rest of his/her life. Therefore, it definitely has to be something he/she really enjoys doing. Today, there are several career options and each career path requires a different approach and different set of preparations. Before getting to know more about each career path, you can firstly start off by understanding the interests of your child. Once you have an answer to this question, you can start researching the area of interest.

Know the Strengths

Passion and strengths are what make up for a successful career. If your son/daughter is already interested in certain areas, then chances are he/she may be performing well in subjects related to those areas at the high school level. Even if not, there are various ways to understand the strengths of the school students and suggest the best career paths for them. Taking the help of a career guide can make a big difference for your son/daughter in knowing their strengths and empowering them to realize their career dreams.

Speak to them about Careers Instead of Jobs

This is one important thing to remember when you are having a chat with your son/daughter. Most people make the mistake of choosing career paths based on job opportunities. However, a career is something that will last longer and it is important for you to help your son/daughter choose a path which can take him/her places. Therefore, you must try and speak more about what are the various careers that a particular path will open up to instead of speaking about whether or not they will land in jobs.

Be Supportive in Whatever Decision Your Son/Daughter Makes

After understanding the interests and strengths, the more and more you speak to your son/daughter about careers, the better idea they may have about their career path. A career guide or career expert can come to the rescue to understand what it takes to go in a particular career path. Whatever choice your son/daughter has made, it is important for you as parents to be supportive of every step and help them in their decisions.

Career Guidance for Students in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the leading cities of India as far as opportunities in education and career are concerned. It is also the place where you can look for career counselling. Enrologies, is an institute based in Jayanagar in the South of the city, provides career guidance for students in Bangalore. The institute has a team of experts who can read the mind of students and ask the necessary questions to understand and tap the potential. If you are looking for career advice, then call our office to book an appointment or visit our career counselling centre in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

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