Commercial bone separator: Meat, Poultry, and Raw Materials including potatoes, fruits, and vegetables Separating Machine. The Bone Separator Machine is made from only the finest materials and manufactured to work in complete harmony with your Provisur equipment. Our tooling Machine is crafted from the world’s finest materials, ensuring long life and assisting the production of attractive products and consistently weight portions.
An innovative bone separator machine to help processors of naturally shaped bone-in products to achieve excellent product quality reduced labor cost, and increased productivity

Features of Meat Bone Separator

Process: Advanced meat recovery or mechanical meat separation chamber: Cylindrical single-section drilledOrifice size: 2.0 mm | 0.08"Auger type: Taper-shaft
• Operating pressure: Low
• Product: Mechanically separated poultry
•1 extrataper-shaft compression auger
•1 extra single-section drilled chamber
• Allows for continuous flesh recovery regardless of reconditioning/cleanup needs: while one tooling is reconditioned/cleaned, the other one is in use, thus eliminating downtime

AM2C SM 310 Meat and Vegetable bone Separator
By combining the best separation technology from Beehive and AM2C, Provisur has created a new standard in separating technology.
Barracuda modular systems give you the greatest flexibility for your unique product applications and are designed for greater simplicity
and ease of use. Included as standard with the Barracuda are machine-mounted controls, a hinged separator head, and a convenient parts storage cart.

You can use it for meat, potatoes, poultry, and raw materials including fruits, and vegetables.
It is to help processors of naturally shaped bone-in products to achieve excellent product quality, reduced labor cost, and increased productivity.

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