Commercial Meat Mincer has entirely made of high-quality stainless steel. High performance, and energy efficiency, quieter, with overheating protection. We have meat mincers with Tabletop or self-standing. The Models that are available: W22/82 • W32/98 • W114 • W130.
Features of Commercial Meat Mincer
With overheating protection.
Removable throat
Large filling tray with hand protection
Metallic gear reducer in oil bath Sealed base
Motor thermal protection; Safety Switch
Large feed pan/tray with СE handguard; Feed stomper
Worm extraction wrench
Tray Capacity 78L with CE grille for hand protection.
High performance and energy efficiency, quieter, and less heat generation.
Rugged gearbox made of steel, with an oil bath.
Unger-5 system for quadruple cutting (3 plates and 2 LicoSwiss double cutting knives + compensating rings to use Unger-2 or Unger-3, Unger-5 systems)
Output 1700 kg/h.
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