Industrial Meat Mincer is completely made of stainless steel, High performance, and energy efficiency, quieter, with overheating protection. We have meat mincers with Tabletop or self standing. The Models that are available: W22/82 • W32/98 • W114 • W130
Features and benefits of Commercial Meat Mincer
• Large filling tray with hand protection
• Completely made of stainless steel
• High-quality knives & plates
• Cutting Systems
• Complete mincing head made of high-quality
• Stainless steel in microfusion quality.
• Removable mincing head:
• No transmission of motor
• Heat – best cutting results
• Extraordinarily robust motor-gear unit
• Rugged gearbox made of steel, with oil bath.
• Automatic safety switch made by Merz Germany.
• Available cutting systems for the best results depending on your product:
o Enterprise (single cut)
o Unger 3 (double cut)
o Unger 5 (quadruple cut)
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