We are dedicated to serving our customers by showcasing and providing one of the country’s best electric scooters and vehicles.
“We are one of the top Benling authorized electric scooters distributors. The CEO of Green City Motors, Mr Puneeth H G, has dedicated his time and energy to make this world better, and greener. The CEO has a hard-core technical and even industrial background for more than 12 years. This gives Greencitymotors a headstart in the distribution of the Benling electric scooters.
This also includes 3+ years experience in the EV industry, with dealer development and a solid understanding of how the
EV industry works.
Our main vision is to aim towards a much greener and pollution-free environment. It is true that a small step taken in saving
our environment can give astonishing results.

We have a solid strategy to succeed in selling and distributing electric vehicles, which would result in a very good ROI in an
an extremely short amount of time.”

Advertiser: Particular
Brand: Other
Model: Benling
Year: 2020
Condition: New, Used