GE LogiqP6 Ultrasound delivers high-quality images every time you scan, even in cramped spaces. This versatile ultrasound can be used effectively from NICU to geriatrics, and it enables you to get high-resolution images in small areas, such as breast, thyroid and ovary. The advanced detail and color flow of GE LogiqP6 Ultrasound machine helps you distinguish between cystic and solid lesions in these areas.

GE LogiqP6 has an enhanced beam former for deeper penetration when you scan. The real-time 4D Imaging helps you acquire and construct volumetric images of the body parts you are scanning. With Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) you have a heightened visibility of body parts and the lesions in it during your scan, because it gives contrast resolution that suppresses speckle artifact while maintaining true tissue architecture.

Armed with these features, GE LogiqP6 you can confidently diagnose the disease because it captures images with clarity. GE LogiqP6 is portable and has a small footprint. The substantial monitor is on an articulating which makes it effortless for you to glide the screen into the position
that’s best for you.

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