GE Vivid* T8 Ultrasound Machine is a hybrid ultrasound. It combines the established cardiac imaging capabilities to get a reliable and robust cardiovascular ultrasound system.

GE Vivid* T8 Ultrasound Machine is a sturdy ultrasound, which has been tested in demanding environments. It has undergone 20 hours of intense vibration testing and shock testing with 1000 strikes at a force of 10Gs.
The ultrasound has excellent dust protection and it delivers superb performance even when its both fans are clogged with large amounts of dust.
The ultrasound is suited in places with frequent power cuts. Even after repeated normal power-on / off cycles, forced power-off cycles and transducer removals and insertions there was no error in the result. The push handles of GE Vivid T8 Ultrasound makes it a mobile ultrasound.

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