Importance of fruits and outcome of diet without fruit

If you want a healthy life then jump on to fruits as they have immediate and positive results on your body. They regulate hormonal imbalance and have curing capability for some of the ailments. Fruits like watermelon, musk melon etc are the resource of moisture and almost every fruit contain fructose which is also known as replacement of sugar. It regulates sodium content in the body and dry fruits strengthen the bones along with purifying blood.

They emit energy and also help in excretion. If you want to have silky soft and shining hair, regular fruit intake is must. Switch to dry fruits like apricot and almond. Fruits also aid in gaining your curves of body as they are effective in weight reduction. Potassium in fruits helps in regulating blood pressure of the body. Every fruit also has preventive ability against the life threatening diseases like cancer and tumor. They are recommended to pregnant women for proper development of embryo and in the absence of fruit intake diseases, attacks our body and it do not possess the power to combat them.

How do they regulate functioning of our body?

Fruits like Mango, date and apple stimulate the functioning of brain along with enhancing the memory. Pineapple, apple, bananas and figs are often prescribed by Neurologists as they are known to strengthen the neurological department of body. Fruits rich in Vitamin C like lemon, orange, guava, custard apple improve the metabolism of the body. They are also termed as citrus fruits as they have citric acid in abundance. Blockage of heart gets dissolved by the juices and fibre of fruits like pomegranate, Orange, apple etc. Fruits like Banana have iron in bulk and increase the hemoglobin content in blood. Roughage of fruits and their extracts are best panacea for digestive issues of the body.

Best substitute of fruit

Things get really worse when you stay at a place where regular supply of fruit is not available and moreover you cannot eat fruit all the time as your tongue needs some spice too. Fruit Treat Sringeri is the ideal choice as it involves chips based on various fruits like papaya, Jack fruit, chickoo, Banana and Okra. These are vacuum fried products with no preservatives as Suvidha Foods and Beverages aims to provide all benefits of fruits without any harm of fried junks. Enjoy multiple benefits of fruits, natural spice, low sugar content, high nutritive value and many just by having opting to healthy eating by buying Fruit treat products.

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