Job oriented vlsi course – your ticket to core com
Location: Bangalore - Karnataka
Date Posted: 04 Diciembre
Job Oriented VLSI Course – Your ticket to Core Companies

If you are an Electronics Engineer, There is no better field than the fast growing VLSI Industry to give your career an edgy start.

We offer you the VLSI RN Course- an Industry standard Course in Advanced VLSI design and Verification which prepares and place you in the best of VLSI companies just in 6 months. Our dynamic Course structure is taught by the professionally experienced faculties, gives you hands on experience of real time projects and this makes it a 100% placement assured training program. The VLSI RN program provides you invaluable insight and knowledge of RTL Design , Functional Verification, System Verilog ,UVM and many more concepts which will help you marry the strategic and tactical thinking with latest of Semiconductor technology and trends.

To know the details, Call at 90360 55100 | 91084 90555 and book yourself a counselling session.

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Kalena Agrahara, Bangalore, Karnataka

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