The system for Global Trade Services (GTS) lets you automate various services that can you can use for your foreign trade purposes. With GTS you can manage large numbers of business partners and documents, and ensure that your company always complies with constantly changing international legal regulations.

The GTS system features functions in the following areas:
1. Compliance Management
Compliance Management contains functions relating to import and export control regulations. This feature allows you to monitor procedures that are subject to licensing requirements and to comply with international legal regulations which prevent and/or restrict trade with individuals, groups and individual countries.

2. Customs Management
Customs Management allows you to standardize and automate import and export procedures with customs authorities. Communication to the customs authorities can be done via the exchange of electronic messages, as well as the printing of the necessary forms. This simplifies and accelerates customs clearance and administration.

3. Risk Management
Risk Management is used for Letter of Credit processing, preference determination and the management of Long Term Vendor Declarations. Allowing you to minimize the financial risk associated with global trade activities.

4. Electronic Compliance Reporting
ECR enables the regular issue of intrastate declarations to the authorities for Intra-European trade between two EU member states. The relevant data is collected from the logistics processes, and then sent to your national statistics authorities periodically.

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