SAPUI5 is an HTML5 framework for creating cross-platform, enterprise-grade web applications in an efficient way. What started as a small project is now one of the most successful technologies ever invented by SAP.
SAPUI5 is a set of libraries to build responsive web applications that run on multiple devices like Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet. SAPUI5 works on MVC concept to accelerate the development cycle by creating data, business logic, and representation of data separately on the view. So the development of view and controller can take place independently to create models (data containers). SAPUI5 is the latest in the series of SAP UI development technologies.
 The Value of SAPUI5
The individual capabilities of SAPUI5 help you to easily build enterprise apps. Here are some of the most important value adds that SAPUI5 delivers:
• Consistent UX: SAPUI5 enables the SAP Fiori design evolution towards a consistent user experience across SAP solutions (and beyond).
• Use anywhere: SAPUI5 allows a single, responsive app implementation for all browsers, platforms, and devices.
• Hundreds of enterprise UI elements: SAPUI5 offers a rich set of UI elements to build professional user interfaces for an enterprise context while complying to product standards such as security and accessibility. With UI5 Web Components, an important new web standard is utilized by SAPUI5 and integration cards. UI5 Web Components also extend UI5 to all web technology stacks.
• Easy to integrate: SAPUI5 lets you run large numbers of highly-consistent apps that can be integrated to complex business processes of the SAP ecosystem.
• Powerful extension options: You can extend SAP standard apps and customize UIs without any coding effort thanks to SAPUI5’s integrated adaptation capabilities.
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