There are tons of research papers that point out the lack of soft skills as one of the prime causes of unemployment, especially in developing economies like ours. As we move ahead in the digitalized world, there are new challenges facing working professionals on a day-to-day basis. Both working professionals and new graduates will have to gear up to the demands of the modern world and equip themselves with the crucial soft skills that can lead them to success.

While technical skills can help you at doing your work well, it is the soft skills that can let you manage your work as well as yourself at the workplace. It increases the possibilities for you and the work that you do. In this write-up, we will let you know the reasons behind the lack of soft skills among new graduates in India and how to address the problem.

Lack of Soft Skills among New Graduates – The Reasons

The 21st-century workplace is evolving at a rapid pace. Surveys suggest that when hiring, the employers are looking for a lot more than just a degree. About 77% of respondents to a survey stated that soft skills are as essential as hard skills for 21st-century jobs. Around 80% of Engineers in India lack the skills to be employable. The number of graduates coming out from colleges is growing year-on-year and the problem of skill development is becoming more and more serious. Here are a few reasons why graduates in India are lacking soft skills which are the need for the hour.

Soft Skills Development is Not Part of University Curriculum
One of the most important reasons for employability issues among fresh graduates is that soft skills development is not part of the curriculum in most of the colleges/universities in India. Even if some efforts are made by colleges, it is only limited to personality development programs where the students hardly spend a few hours in the workshops. The challenges of the working world, as far as soft skills are concerned, are larger and it is high-time all educational institutes rise to the occasion and take necessary steps in the right direction.

The Training Should Keep Pace with 21st Century Requirements
Another challenge that is facing Indian institutes in soft skills training is that the curriculum of the training programs should keep pace with the developments in the technology world. Today, employers are looking for skills such as critical thinking, the ability to solve problems creatively, emotional intelligence, etc. Soft skills are not limited to effective communication in English but it goes far beyond that. Today, companies require graduates who can effectively communicate, negotiate and get the work done even in the most challenging situations.

Lack of Quality Faculty and Infrastructure
Another problem facing all the stakeholders in soft skills development is related to the lack of a qualified talent pool and the infrastructure which can help in the transfer of knowledge. India is a vast country and few million graduates pass out from Indian Universities every year. Many surveys have pointed out the lack of employable skills among graduates. However, the number of soft skills training centers with good faculty and the required infrastructure is far less than the number of graduates. The faculty should have exposure to the industry and should upgrade their knowledge and skills from time-to-time in order to train the students who will be launching their careers.

Low Awareness among Graduates
The lack of awareness about the importance of soft skills training among graduates is another problem which should be dealt with. There are not many educational institutes that expose students to the industry. Therefore students do not know where they stand and whether or not they are prepared enough to enter the work world.

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