We also manufacture excellent quality of soldering fume extractor, which is marketed under the brand name of Fumekiller ®. Soldering fume extractor is also a type of pollution control device specially designed to be used where soldering is done. These machines have suction capacity ranging from 250 CMH to 800 CMH, which is perfect for wide range of applications. Like all other Fumekiller ® devices, it also works on the same principle of electrostatic filtration to filter and extract the fumes. Fumekiller ® (Soldering Fume Extractor) have suction capacity of 250 CMH to 8000 CMH which can control all types of hazardous fumes that comes out while soldering like dip tinning, wave soldering, etc. A single large-sized unit can be used to control multiple soldering stations. It is very widely used for removal of fumes from below mentioned sources

Hand Soldering stations
Dip Tinning Stations

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