Office breaks are the favourite among working professionals.

It is that time of the day when people get to stretch out of their routine work and reenergize. If there is something that can cheer employees and excite them during the break it is a delicious snack.

If you are someone who is looking for a good snacking point for your office breaks, then Abrha Famous Kathi Rolls based in JP Nagar, Bangalore is one place you must definitely try.

The outlet offers famous Kati Rolls in Bangalore in various varieties.

Since the rolls are available in a wide-range with both veg and non-veg ingredients, the restaurant is one of the most popular eating spots in Bangalore.

Tasty, spicy and healthy. There is more than one reason to eat a roll today. Come down to Abrha Famous Kati Rolls!

Fond of Veggies? Special Kati Rolls for You

Abrha Famous Kati Rolls stands distinguished as far as the menu is concerned.

There are Gobi Rolls, Paneer Rolls, Mushroom Rolls, Aloo Rolls and Vegetable Rolls.

The customers who visit this eating joint are delighted about the offerings since there are more than 10 options to choose from.

If tasty vegetables cooked with spices and mixed with sauce inspires you, then you must visit the store based in JP Nagar & Jayanagar and try Paneer or Mushroom or Vegetable roll.

The ingredients are all cooked and fried with a special mix of spices and other ingredients.

One bite of the hot, soft and delicious roll and you will want more of it.

Egg and Chicken Lovers’ Favourite Kati Rolls

For all chicken lovers, Abrha Famous Kati Rolls offers many different kinds of rolls. The chicken roll come in both Desi and Chinese flavours with a choice of vegetables and paneer and sauce and add-ons. Eggs add a distinctive taste to the rolls.

When made into omelettes and rolled into the soft chapatti/paratha with the core ingredient of spicy chicken and vegetables, the flavour added by the eggs makes the Kati Roll extremely delicious.

Few Reasons to Have Abrha Famous Kati Rolls During Office Breaks

Quickly Prepared

Kati rolls are quickly prepared with your favourite choice of vegetables and sauce. Since the office breaks are short, having a Kati roll will definitely help save time and tantalize your taste buds.

Served Hot

Kati rolls are not only prepared quickly but are served hot which makes them even more exciting. The rolls are sold like hot cakes during winters and monsoon. There is nothing like the combo of Bangalore weather and Kati rolls. It is one new love story.

Light on Your Tummy

The rolls are not only yummy but also a light on your tummy which makes them ideal for office breaks. It will be very easy for you to get back and continue to work.

Light on Your Pocket

Last but not at all the least, the best Kati Rolls in Bangalore is offered by Abrha Famous Kati Rolls at affordable prices. The fact that the evening snack or lunchtime meal goes easy on your pockets makes this wonderful dish even more exciting.

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