Start Life Afresh at 60!

The specific question “I would like to know from you, your own personal experiences and prescription for longevity and happiness in old age” posed by a friend triggered the highly active and energetic centenarian author Thiagarajan to write this book.
Addressing the reader both as a friend and a counselor, he freely shares in a lucid style the secrets for successfully tackling one’s post retirement phase. He provides practical guidelines learnt during his lifetime to help one gracefully reach 100 and beyond with contentment and peace of mind. Men and women in their fifties and sixties but also the youngsters who wish to take better care of their own family elders will find this book extremely handy and practically useful.

About Author:
Thiagarajan turned 101 in 2018 and continued to remain enthusiastic in immersing himself in various creative activities right till his end in September 2019.
Starting his career in India Posts in Ooty and until his retirement as a Post Master, Thiagarajan served in various other cities in south India. He developed a passion with his hobby of photography at an early age. Over the decades, he kept pace with the developments and became a well known amateur photographer taking part in the activities of Photographic Associations and winning several awards. He taught photography to hundreds of enthusiasts and authored a textbook “The Practical Photography” explaining the art and science of photography from his own personal experiences.

Thiagarajan remained extremely active even after becoming a centenarian. He was keen to work on his laptop daily not only to ‘Photoshop’, but also to compose articles or listen to music. He was equally keen to discuss current affairs with his friends or read spirituality books.
Thiagarajan lived alternately with his eldest son in Bangalore and his daughter in Coimbatore. Whenever he could spare time away from his ongoing projects, he liked to play with his great grandchildren or try his hand in solving Sudoku.

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