About Tableau(DV Tool)

Traditional Business intelligence applications are IT centric: Users have to rely on information technology professionals to create a decision support system for the enterprise.
Proliferation of information on the Internet and how Google, Facebook and other social media enable consumer to seek and retrieve data in real time has changed the landscape of the decision support systems.
Tableau provides in-memory Business Discovery platform to an enterprise to perform quick data discovery and make decisions as fast as Google allows its consumer to do so
Tableau is purely a Data visualization and Rapid application development tool and very easy to learn
It is meant for non-programmers but have huge interest in creating rapid and good looking visualization

So what’s the big deal?

Tableau  is at the crossroad of inability of standard reports to provide better insight and a degree of freedom Excel provides to explore data in more meaningful way.

Think Tableau is right for you?

Business Decisions are taken from the visualizations and Report. Reports has to give proper visualizations, so that on the first look clients will be able to take proper and clear decisions.

Big and growing, even during tough economic times.

As a Tableau Developer, you will be responsible for creating wonderful visualizations to help clients to take their decisions faster at first look.
Powerful, yet simple, dynamic visualizations reporting tool available in Windows platform.
Tableau moves away from the traditional “Build and Execute” model to “On the fly visualization” which is a big leap.
Analyze virtually any type of structured data with dynamically filter, highlight, drill-down and link across multiple views in one dashboard.
Produce highly interactive, beautiful graphs, dashboards, and reports
You can connect to virtually any data source from spreadsheets to data warehouses and display information in multiple graphic perspectives.

Why Tableau?

Top most Data visualization tool
In-Memory Technology
VizQL is unique of Tableau where it holds all visualizations in its visualization engine.
Tableau is also Remixable, meaning users remix and reassemble data in new views and create new visualizations on the fly for deeper understanding, allowing individuals to constantly shift the analysis to meet their new and changing business requirements
Decisions are rarely made in a vacuum or based on a single dashboard or report.
They’re often made collaboratively in groups and meetings.
Tableau enables collaborative decision-making through social Business Discovery. It enables organizations to create a community of users who co-create apps, communicate with each other in context of their decision apps, and explore business data collaboratively, to drive knowledge that can cascade across an organization. More on that in a minute.
Tableau also offers total Mobility, delivering anywhere, anytime Business Discovery on virtually any device.
The Tableau Discovery platform enables users to explore data, make discoveries, and uncover insights that can be used to help them solve business problems in new ways.
Business users conduct searches and interact with dynamic dashboards and analytics from any device.
Tableau works the way peoples’ minds work.
With Tableau, discovery is flexible.
Users can navigate and interact with data any way they want to — they are not limited to just following predefined drill paths or using preconfigured dashboards.
Users ask and answer streams of questions on their own and in groups and teams, forging new paths to insight and decision.

Tableau provides a Client edition to build Reports and Dashboards and a Server to host and share it across the enterprise.
Connects to wide range of data sources including Teradata, Hadoop, Aster data, SAS using ODBC connections, etc.
Tableau provides Geo visualization option where the image would be in the form of maps.

Careerin Tableau

There are lot of jobs that are floating around for Tableau.
In UK and USA there are lot of jobs with sponsored visa.
Even Freshers get jobs in Tableau partner companies in north india and Bangalore.

Target Audience:

BE, B-Tech, MCA and others.

No programming involved.  Some of Bsc Guys have learnt this and now in USA.

Companies which can hire:

Many companies which do Data warehousing and analytics, they hire Tableau consultants.

Course Duration:20hrs


S No


Items to be covered




Tableau Intro

1.Overview of Tableau
2.Uniqueness of Tableau


Introduction of tool


Comparison of Tableau with Traditional BI

1. InMemory
2. Traditional vsTableau

3. Components and other products of Tableau


Overview part 2


Hands on – First Execrise

1. Installation of Tableau
2. Basic chart creation


Basic hands on - Sample application example


Types of charts

1)      Tool bars in Tableau

2)      23 types of charts

3)      Best practices of visualization


Charts types



1)Data model design

3) Filtering and Quick 4) Filters
5) Cross-Tabs (Pivot Tables)
6) Totals and Subtotals
7)Drilling and Drill Through
Aggregation and Disaggregation
8) Percent of Total
9) Working with Statistics and Trendlines


Excerise evaluation and best practices


Tableau VizQL Process

Understanding VizQL
Customization of charts




Getting Started with Calculated Fields

1)       Working with String Functions

2)       Basic Arithmetic Calculations

3)       Date Math

4)       Working with Totals

5)       Custom Aggregations

6)       Logic Statements


Calculated fields


Formatting visualization

Options in Formatting your Visualizations
Working with Labels and Annotations




Advance visualizations

Advance visualization
Do’s and Dont’s


Licensing and Doubt clearance of Secondexecrises.

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