Whether renovating an existing bedroom or getting into a replacement home, a carefully planned and designed wardrobe should be high on your priority list. Your wardrobe arrangement is something you cannot ignore, especially the layout, interior and quality. The old saying goes, if you purchase better, you will only buy once & this is often particularly true with designer wardrobes. As an investment, choose everything apt within the first instance & your tailor-made, unique wardrobe will last a lifetime. Here at SIA, our highly trained wardrobe designers will work with you closely to create bespoke wardrobes.

The first thing to think about is location. Study how both natural and artificial light works within the space and where you will place your mirrored and panel doors to the sunshine and avoid a prism effect with all of your mirrors during a small space. The peak of your ceiling will determine the functional layout of the inside of your wardrobe. Your designer will take the ceiling height under consideration when planning the inside storage scheme of your walk-in-wardrobe. For instance, a minimum of 1100mm hanging space for shirts and planning a droop space for shorter tops below is ideal. If there is limited space, always consider external drawer units to increase the interior hanging and shelf space. For an enormous room with lower ceilings, a central island is the best solution for extra storage; if you have too many accessories like belts and jewellery to store.

2. Customize the interior & space for storing
When it involves displaying your belongings, believe how you will use your wardrobe a day. Whether you have got a penchant for designer handbags or a set of suits, it is vital to make sure your wardrobe interior features a design tailored to you. Before planning the interior layout; speak to your designer about what clothes, accessories and shoes you have. It is one of the advantages of employing a designer to make a bespoke interior. Incorporate some internal lighting into your scheme for a WOW factor. Sensor activated lights when opening the wardrobe door may be luxurious and practical thanks to showing a shoe, handbag or garment selection.

Which wardrobe colours & styles are trending
One among the advantages of choosing a bespoke and painted by hand designer wardrobe is that the finishing touches and your paint colour will seamlessly fit into your home, creating the last word designer bedroom. With no limit & considering the proper shade is to determine if the walls are to be painted light with a darker tone on the wardrobes or darker walls with lighter wardrobes, which can help in your decision process. It’s vital to decide on the interior finish of whether to use a wood veneer or a grey finish, a material that will complement your style. Lastly, choose your final details carefully. The finish and style of a handle, the cornice and skirting profiles and everything in between will bring your entire bespoke wardrobe design together and end in the last word luxurious space for you to enjoy for years to return.
Here at SIA, we pride ourselves on working closely with every customer to style beautiful functional, original and bespoke wardrobes for bedrooms, dressing rooms and walk-in closets. We are in-built with all the newest wardrobe fittings & accessories to give you your dream wardrobe. If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, contact us to rearrange your consultation.
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