U!vantage solutions
Location: Bangalore - Karnataka - India
Address: Banashankari 3rd Stage
Date Posted: 03 de Junio
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U!Vantage is a Bangalore based start-up offering Content and Learning solutions. We specialize in e-Learning and online tutoring. We aim to address the needs of students by making technology and teachers an integral part of leaning process. We believe in using Open Source applications, all our products are solely developed using open source software.
We at  U!Vantage believe that teachers are more efficient in getting the knowledge across when they don't have to dedicate their time at other things like time table development, attendance monitoring etc. So, we developed a complete Education Process Outsourcing Solution for schools –  U!SYS. U!SYS is a campus management system developed with sole intention of easing the job of school administrators and teachers. It aids school administration in managing important but manually processed aspects like time table development, attendance, results monitoring and much more providing more access and higher efficiency. We also offer a Campus Inventory Management System to help control the inflow and outflow of the goods to and from the campus. The CIMS can be integrated with U!SYS to give school administration a complete control over the school with just a click
U!Content is an end-to-end content writing Solution by U!Vantage. We understand the importance of effective communication. Our qualified content writers provide the best possible output in the shortest turnaround time to increase the traffic to your website, build consumer trust and increasing internet presence. We offered services like web content development, SEO, Blogs and product reviews. All content is Copyscaped before being released at the client end.
U!Learn is our e-Learning service provided by U!Vantage. It is designed as a learning aid to teach various subjects with high efficiency. The content is presented in a story format through five central characters – Anuj, Shonty, Prof. Gyaani, Prof. Gurughantal and Shagnik, who helps them find the solutions to their problems. Like the characters in the story, students are encouraged to keep asking questions, and to explore on their own. Apart from textual material, we are also developing games and interactive learning aids to make learning fun.
Another offering is U!Tute or U!Vantage Online Tutoring service. Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in an online, virtual environment or networked environment in which teachers and learners are at a distance from each other and may be in different time zones. We provide online tutoring services to Indian and US-based students, with special attention towards home schooled students. Our certified tutors are available at 24X7 in the student’s time zones.
Soon,U!Vantage will be launching educational mobile applications and games through U!VantageMobile and Interactive aid Development or U!MaID. Proposed U!For Schools program aims at Teacher training and facilities development for schools and educational institutions.