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Date Posted: 04 Febrero
The advantage of injection procedures is that solution can be made to penetrate deep into the structure where gravitational suction procedures may not be so effective.This is specially recommended where there are more air pockets in the concrete structure, which cannot be easily filled by suction alone and also where the roof is covered with brick-bat coba or tiles.By following this procedure certain types of difficult waterproofing problems can be solved with ease. Injection may be done using any type of equipment ( Gravity,hand operated or electrical). The product will certainly work provided the penetration is proper.
Our Services:
* Bathroom Water leakage
* Swimming Pool Waterproofing Services
* Retaining wall waterproofing
* Overhead water tank waterproofing
* Expansion Joint Waterproofing in buildings
* Terrace leakage solutions
* Basement waterproofing solutions
* Underground Water Tank Waterproofing solution
* Wall Crack Repair Services
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No.14, Webster Road Cox Town, Bangalore -560 005, Bangalore, Karnataka
Waterproofing Contra
Waterproofing Contra

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