We are one of the paramount Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturers company, where we produce high-end fume extractor, which is able to eliminate fume created at the time of welding. This highly engineered fume extractor can control any type of fume successfully and create pollution free work environment. Fume generated at the time of welding is injurious to lungs, larynx and skin and can lead to severe health hazard. Contaminated workplace creates more worker absenteeism and low morale of workers. TIG Welding Fume Extractor creates Pleasant & cheerful environment that is conducive to employees’ performance.

Being the paramount Welding Fume Manufacturer, we use the supreme filtration procedure called electrostatic principle for our fume collection device. As this fume eliminator device works on the principle of electrostatic filtration method, which is one of the best methods to collect fume from the place where welding, TIG/ MIG welding, Arc Welding, Plasma Cutting / Welding, Brazing, Spot Welding, is taking place.

Electrostatic filtration is the most innovative mechanism for controlling industrial fume effectively. A blower is used to draw fume particles passed through and ionizer that leaves a positive charge to them. Once the particles are moved through alternately like-charged grounded collection plates, then the particles are driven away by the like-charged plates and forced into the grounded collection plates. Purified filtered air then returned in the workplace. Electrostatic systems work properly and accurately when the collection plates are cleaned. If the particles cover the plates completely, its efficiency drops drastically; so, collection plate should be cleaned frequently for keeping the welding fume extractor manufactures in Bangalore precisely working. Being the Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturers In Chennai we incorporated standard suction capacity of 1000 CMH to 6000 CMH in each fume extractor device for making this device beneficial for a wide range of fume extraction. To make the pollution control device more efficacious for the clients, we have done numerous R&D over the past couple of years and came up with most innovative computer aided modeling.

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